Hello and welcome to Scott's Site.

I enjoy creating web apps and content. So I made this website to do exactly that!

I'm male, in my 30s and from the UK.

This site is a hobby that I do as and when I feel like it for fun.

The main things on this site are:

The Blog Site updates, project announcements or articles about whatever comes to mind.
The Projects Page A list of all the web apps I've created and posted on this website.

This site is built using Notepad++, VSCode and XAMPP on my local machine.

To make building/maintaining this site easier, I created Static Ultra! Static Ultra makes building and maintaining a website much faster and easier!

Oh and I'm not someone who thinks they're great or anything like that. I'm fully aware that there's a million people out there who are a million times better than me at everything I can do. I just create this stuff for fun because I enjoy it!

I hope you find something on this site useful, fun or interesting!

- Scott