Copy & Paste Emojis V 1.1.0

Friday, 28th June 2019

My Copy & Paste Emojis app is getting some hits and feedback, so I decided to create and publish an update which hopefully makes it more useful!

The main addition is that you can now create a group of emojis at once, which means less switching between Copy and Paste emojis and your target site/app.

When you click or touch an emoji now, it is copied to your clipboard as before, but it is also added to the group box. You can scroll the group box, and rearrange the emojis in it by holding an emoji for a brief moment and dragging it. You can also drag an emoji to the clipboard or bin icon to remove it from the group.

If you simply click or touch the clipboard or bin icons, you will copy all of the emojis in the group box to your clipboard at once, or delete them so you can start over.

Hopefully this will be useful when you want to copy several emojis at once like this: 😁😁😁😁😁😁

There are also some performance improvements and other small tweaks. I hope you find this update useful!