Days Until Published

Monday, 15th July 2019

Yesterday I quickly put together Days Until, an app for counting down the days until a date!

Okay, it's not the most revolutionary app in the world, but I created it so I could easily count down the days until this date... the date Pokemon Sword and Shield come out! 😆

You can use it to count down the days until any date of your choice. It's fast and simple. Bookmark or add the resulting page to your browser favourites, and you can check back whenever you want to know how many days are left until your specified date.

I hope this is handy for people. Any bugs or suggestions please let me know in the comments below, or if you're on Neocities feel free to use my Neocities Profile!

Oh and if you didn't click the link, it's currently 123 days until Pokemon Sword and Shield. Seems so far away... :(