Personality Test Maker Published

Wednesday, 17th June 2020

How does more website visitors, visitors who are engaged with your content sound? Sound good? Then you should create a Personality Test with my new, finished project, Personality Test Maker!

Some of you may remember my old Crash Bandicoot Quiz. Well, when I published that I saw a spike in website activity for a few weeks, visitors said they enjoyed taking the quiz and telling others which result they got!

So that got me thinking why not create a project that makes it easy to create a quiz just like that one? And so Personality Test Maker was born.

Personality test maker is perfect for fellow Neocities users, or anyone that has a static website, or content management system that allows copying and pasting HTML/CSS/JS (which is nearly all of them).

You can also download your quiz to your computer or phone so you can get your family and friends to take it!

If you've created a great quiz feel free to advertise it in the comments below!

I hope people find Personality Test Maker useful. :)