Copy & Paste Emojis V 1.2.0

Sunday, 3rd October 2021

My old project, Copy & Paste Emojis, seems to doing pretty well, getting about 500 hits per day! So first of all, a big thank you to everyone using it, and I hope you continue to find it useful! If you are using it, I'd reaaally appreciate if you shared it on your own website, or social media, or whatever!

Anyway, today I did a bit of an overdue update to it. It mostly looks and behaves the same (minus a couple of small bug fixes xD).

Basically before, I used PHP to pre-generate a huge amount of "details" pages. There was one for every single emoji! Something like 1700 of them. xD I thought that would help people searching for a specific emoji, but according to my stats, the absolute majority of people were arriving through the home page.

So, now instead of pre-generating those pages, I have a single details page and JavaScript does the rest. This means the app is more "self contained", and I can drop the generator script. Similar for categories. Other than that it's pretty much the same.

On a personal note my coding style has changed a lot since I originally published Copy & Paste Emojis a couple of years ago. I ended up pretty much going through every single .js file and updating almost every line of code.