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Welcome to EasyDex Crystal!

Here's a quick guide to the features!

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Optimised for Catching 'Em All

EasyDex Crystal helps you complete your Pokedex as quickly as possible.

EasyDex Crystal is specifically for Pokemon Crystal Version, so you see only the info you need!

EasyDex Crystal lists every Pokemon and the easiest way to obtain them. You can also click the map icon next to a Pokemon for a map view and more information on how to obtain that Pokemon.

Track Your Progress

Tick off Pokemon as you catch them, EasyDex Crystal saves your progress for when you come back!

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Set Your Own Goals

Select categories such as "Solo", which lists all obtainable Pokemon without trading, or "Trade", "Grass", etc and aim to catch 'em all in that category!


Click the rate button and get Professor Oak's opinion on your progress.

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Welcome - 3/3

Share Your Progress

With the My Data feature you can backup your progress, or even get a link to share your progress on forums, social media or your website.

Okay Let's Go!

It is recommended you start by ticking off the Pokemon you have caught so far. Click Finish to end this welcome view and start using EasyDex Crystal!

Obtained Num Pokemon Easiest Obtain Info
90% at some location +3 more ▼
90% at some other location
90% at some other location
90% at some other location
Click the Start Button to contact Professor Oak and get your Pokedex rated.
Contacting Professor Oak...

Hello. Calling to get your Pokedex rated?

Let's see... You've caught 0 Pokemon...

HAHAHA you haven't caught a single Pokemon! What a total loser!

What are you waiting for? Go and see Professor Elm to get your first Pokemon!

You've only have one Pokemon?

You can find more Pokemon by walking around in grassy areas.

You've caught your first Pokemon, so you know how to do it.

Go out and catch some more! There are different kinds in the grass.

You've caught a few Pokemon.

Catch a few more and you'll have a full team! You can catch different kinds of Pokemon in the morning, day and night.

Five Pokemon eh?

Catch one more and you'll have a full team!

You have a full team of Pokemon.

Catch some more and they'll be stored via PC! Aim for 10 Pokemon!

You have a full team and you're using the PC for storing Pokemon. Good job.

Aim for 10 Pokemon!

So you're at double digits now, that's a good start.

Keep searching grassy areas! I'm super cereal!

You're doing quite well.

Many people start getting bored about now. Fine, give up. See if I care. *cries and hangs up*

You're still catching Pokemon? Well good for you!

Have you gotten a fishing rod yet? You can catch many Pokemon in the water. And then somehow you can use them in battle even when there's no water for them to swim in!

You're on your way to 50 Pokemon, that's nearly one fifth of the dex complete!

You can catch some Pokemon by surfing. Well you pretty much are going to have to since unlike everyone else in the game, you can't swim.

You have more than 50 Pokemon now. That's decent.

Have you found any evolution stones? Like Water Stones? If you register some trainer's phone numbers, they may call you and give you evolution stones for free for some reason!

You're doing well, here's some inspiration to help you get even more! I wanna beeeeee the veeeery best, like no one ever wa...

Huh? That's not helping? Oh well.

You've worked hard to get this far, and are heading towards the 100 mark.

Remember, you must BELIEEEVE! Or just keep catching Pokemon, really.

Getting closer to that 100 mark.

You know I'm going to take all the credit once you've caught them all, right?

You're so close to catching 100 Pokemon!

Just a few more to go...

Congratulation on hitting the 100 mark!

Now go and get the other 150.

You're still going? That's dedication right there.

Maybe you could beat the previous record set by a trainer called Red...

*sighs* Sorry but I'm not feeling very well today.

I think I've caught Pokerus.

As a reward for your efforts, here's a little Pokemon joke.

What do you call a Voltorb which finds everything funny? A LOLtorb! Hahaha!

As a reward for your efforts, here's a little Pokemon joke.

What do you call an Electrode which finds everything funny? An ElectROFL! Hahaha!

You've surpassed the previous Pokedex Project record! Congratulations!

The record was set by a trainer called Red.

So you're well into the last 100 Pokemon.

You'll probably need to train up existing Pokemon at this point. The fastest way is to rematch the Elite Four and use an Exp. Share. I hear Mr. Pokemon has one.

You're coming up to 180 Pokemon now.

Have you used the filters at the top of EasyDex Crystal?

Not too far off the 200 mark.

Reaching 200 would be really impressive. I'd come and help you, but I have to do my Radio show 24/7. And the station only pays me minimum wage!

Just a few more to go to hit the milestone of 200. You can do it!

And if you don't, I'm going to release all the Pokemon from your PC. Hahaha!

You're in the last 50. You've made it this far, why stop now?

*distortion* Signal Lost

You're down to the last 40.

Getting tired? TOUGH! It'd be a waste to come this far and then stop, right?

You're down to the last 30.

Have you completed your SoloDex yet? That might be the best thing to focus on next.

You're down to the last 20.

You might have to do some trading to proceed. So if you have no friends who play Pokemon, or can't afford another console, you're out of luck...

Down to the last 10, that's amazing!

Just a little more and you'll have completed the entire dex!

All 250 Pokemon! That's absolutely fantastic!

I'd give you a reward, but I'm completely broke. What? You saw a pile of money in my lab? That's er... Monopoly money! Yeah!

All 251 Pokemon! That's absolutely incredible!

Wait a minute. The only way you could have gotten Mew was by cheating or glitching. For shame!


Share Progress

Show others your progress catching 'em all in Pokemon Crystal. Click the copy button. Then paste it on forums, social media or your website!


Export (Backup)

Export (make a backup of) your progress. Import it at a later date or into another web browser. Click the copy button, then paste the code exactly as it is into a .txt file on your computer.


Import (Restore Backup)

Import (restore a backup of) your progress. Paste a previous export into the box below, exactly as it was when you exported it, then click the import button. WARNING! Doing this will overwrite your current progress and settings!!!


Most recent at the top :D

v1.0.2 - Sun 10th Feb 2019

Facebook+Twitter share buttons now work with simple links that open each platform's share thingies in a new window. Facebook+Twitter APIs are no longer loaded.

v1.0.1 - Tue 13th Nov 2018

Bug report/feedback URL changed from 123guestbook to my own blog entry on EasyDex Crystal (Disqus comments).

v1.0.0 - Wed 4th Apr 2018

First Version published.


Report Bug

If you have found a bug in EasyDex Crystal, and would like to help by reporting it, please use the following thread in my blog.

Please include as much detail as you can, including:

  • A description of the bug - what happens
  • Steps to make the bug happen, starting from launching EasyDex Crystal. This is important, I can only fix a bug if I can make it happen!
  • Whether you are on desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Your operating system (not the full thing, just "Windows", "Android" or whatever is fine)
  • What web browser you're using, and the version number

It might be a little while before you see the bug fixed. But you should see it in the next version!

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Feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions or questions, on the following blog post:

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