Free Themes

Want a nice theme for your Static Ultra powered website? Well, here's a few I made. If you want some more, try #StaticUltra on Twitter or other social networks.

At the time of writing you won't get any results. xD But if people make some themes and share them with that tag, then you will. So that's how theme sharing works in Static Ultra for now. Maybe at some point I'll make a forum or something.

In the mean time we have a couple of terrible ones I made to kick things off...

Installing Themes

Installing a theme is easy. Just copy the theme's folder into your su-themes folder, then open up your config and add it to the themes list. Let's say you've downloaded a theme with the name "cool-theme".

this.THEME_IDS = [ [ "default", "Static Ultra Default", true ], [ "cool-theme", "Cool Theme", true ] ];

Above, "cool-theme" is the theme folder name. "Cool Theme" is the display name which appears in the theme switcher dropdown menu. And the true/false value determines whether or not the theme appears in the dropdown menu at all!

If you want to make the new theme your site's default theme, you can adjust the THEME_DEFAULT_ID value in your su-config.js.

this.THEME_DEFAULT_ID = "cool-theme";

If you haven't already, you may also want to turn on the theme switcher dropdown menu, since it's disabled by default.


Okay, here's the themes

Static Ultra Default


Did you mess up the default Static Ultra theme? Well no worries, you can download it again! Also it makes this page look more full... The default theme is mobile friendly and has support for optional side-content, such as the Latest News and Useful Stuff HTML block on this website.

Dark Army


A theme that's dark and has an army vibe. I didn't design this one, I found it online and adapted it for Static Ultra. It's also mobile friendly and has an optional place for re-usable HTML Blocks.

Simple Green


A theme that's like, simple, and also green. This one is also mobile friendly and has an optional spot for re-usable HTML blocks dammit!!!