Help Me!

If you would like to help out, the most useful thing you can do is spread the word about Static Ultra! I have zero marketing budget, and basically everywhere on the internet has a "no self promotion" rule, meaning I can't really advertise it myself.

But that doesn't stop others from recommending it!

Here's a few ideas...

Use Static Ultra

I think this one is pretty obvious. If you use Static Ultra you will automatically be advertising it, especially if you're a Neocities perrson, since it's likely many of your visitors are Neocitizens themselves!

Facebooks, Twitters, Reddits, Twitters, Forums, Discords, etc

A quick Tweet or post goes a long way. If you're a member of any website building communities or any community that you think might find Static Ultra interesting, taking a minute to just pop a quick post saying "check this out" *links to Static Ultra*, but it could really help the Static Ultra cause*!

"Static Ultra Communities"

If you happen to be running any website-building oriented communities, plonk a topic advertising Static Ultra on it, let me know on my Neocities Profile, and provided your community is "civilized" I'll link it here.

*Whatever that is...