Chapter 1: What are HTML and CSS?

So... What is HTML?

HTML is the language behind all web-pages, and stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML documents contain the code for the structure and content of a web-page. HTML is made up of something called tags, which I will cover in the next chapter.

And what the spleen is CSS?

Although HTML does a most excellent job of defining the structure and content of the web-page, HTML is not meant to define the layout and appearance. This is achieved by our good friend: CSS. With CSS, short for Cascading Style Sheets, you can you can give your web-page and everything that makes it up size, borders, colour, backgrounds, position and much more. With it you can transform your simple web-page and make it look dazzling like one of the websites you're favourite faceless corporations like Microsoft, Asda, and Facebook use.

CSS can actually be put within the HTML document, or it can be stored in it's own document which is then linked to by each HTML page that needs it. The latter is the best method, however I will show you how to do both.

You Promised to Teach Me About Tags

That's right! But first, why don't you take a quick quiz to make sure you're ready to proceed to chapter 2?