Chapter 1 Quiz

Question 1) What is HTML?

a) A certain type of web browser
b) Some kind of biscuitty substance
c) The language behind all web-pages
d) It's used to tell the browser what to put in the status bar at the bottom

Question 2) What does HTML stand for?

a) Hyper Text Markup Language
b) Helper Text Markup Language
c) Hyper Tron Markup Language
d) Hyper Text Makeup Language

Question 3) What is CSS used for?

a) Laying out web-pages
b) Speeding up the downloading of files for visitors
c) Defining how our web-pages and their content will look
d) Both a) and c)

Question 4) What does CSS stand for?

a) Cascading Style Segments
b) Cascading Style Sheets
c) Cascading Style Serif
d) Cascading Style Smile

And that, though short and sweet wraps up the first quiz. Once you are satisfied, move on to the next, heart throbbing, cheese melting chapter! Chapter 2 - tags are your friends!