Chapter 10 Quiz

Question 1) Which is the correct format for a link?

a) <hl href="location">Clickable Text</hl>
b) <hlink href="location">Clickable Text</hlink>
c) <a href="location">Clickable Text</a>
d) <linkme href="location">Clickable Text</linkme>

Question 2) Links that link to another website need...

a) The full url of the website
b) Some kind of biscuitty substance
c) Assistance from PHP and SQL
d) To include that website's logo for legal reasons

Question 3) Links to pages on the same website as the page with the link in need...

a) have a "target" attribute
b) specify the address relative to the current page's location
c) be styled using CSS
d) be, or not to be. That is the most corny attempt at a joke in history

Question 4) When would you specify target="_blank"?

a) When I want my link to open in the same window
b) When I want my link to shout "bullseye!" it's an unknown easter egg that works in Internet Explorer
c) When I want my link to shoot aliens
d) When I want my link to open in a new window.

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