Chapter 11 Quiz

Question 1) Which attributes are required for the form element?

a) Lights, camera and action
b) You're a "form element" >: (
c) Action and method
d) Action childNodes.length

Question 2) Which of the following is the correct markup for a single line text field that collects someone's name?

a) <input type="text" name="name">
b) <input type="textbox" name="name">
c) <textinput name="name /">
d) <Just send me a damn email if you wanna leave feedback...>

Question 3) If I want two different polls on my website, I need to give them different...

a) value attributes
b) group attributes
c) name attributes
d) presents for their birthdays

Question 4) Checkbox inputs are best for when...

a) ...when you want a grid of options to display to the user
b) want the visitor to cofirm something, or select several options
c) ...when you can't remember how to do a dropdown menu
d) ...when you want the visitor to select one of several options

Question 5) Combo boxes, or as the rest us know them, dropdown menus are best used when

a) You want the visitor to choose more than one option
b) You want to give your web-page a more "desktop" look
c) You want the visitor to choose whether they want to stay on the current web-page or not
d) You want the visitor to choose one of many options

And now, we begin starting to look at structuring the different sections of the page, in Chapter 12 - Structuring Your Web-pages!