Chapter 16: Styling Links

You get a bit more power when styling CSS links. The following will work:

{ information here...

With that you'll be be able to style the overall appearance for links. It is better however, to style links like so:

{ information for links in their normal state, meaning the mouse isn't hovering over them, and they're not currently being selected...
{ information for links that have been visited...
{ information for links when the mouse is hovering over the top of them
{ information for when the user has clicked down on the link but has not let go of the mouse button yet...

It is recommended to use the latter four to style the links on your page. If you want to have links appear the same regardless of whether they have been visited, whether the mouse is hovering over them or whether they are being selected at the moment or not, you should do the following:

a:link, a:visited, a:hover, a:active
{ information for links...

So, Tryout styling links yourself, and then take the quiz on styling links to make sure it's clicked... hehe... clicked... get it? ^_^ (You "right... >_<")