Chapter 18 Quiz

Question 1) To cause an element to be positioned regardless of other content within a container...

a) ...I give the other elements within the container an absolute position
b) ...I give it an absolute position
d) ...I give it the position it deserves based on it's qualifications and experience

Question 2) To cause an element to be moved but from it's normal place in the flow of the web-page...

a) ...I give it a relative position
b) ...I get it an absolute position
c) ...I give it a fixed position
d) ...I give it a tweaked position

Question 3) Elements that are positioned using the "position: fixed;" choice will...

a) Be stuck at that the requested left, top or right, bottom position on screen
b) Be fixed inside the banner
c) Be on fire y'all
d) Be a general pain the ass frankly

Question 4) Position: static. Will the element move?

a) Yep, it just requires the correct left and top position
b) No, not under any circumstances

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