Chapter 2 Quiz

Question 1) What are tags? (try to answer within the context of this tutorial)

a) Little green things for attaching several sheets of paper together
b) Son, Tags are like a beautiful woman...
c) CSS elements that link functions
d) The building blocks of HTML

Question 2) How would you close the following tag assuming it's not a self-closing tag? <h1>

a) <h1:close>
b) </h1>
c) <h1 begone!>
d) <1h>

Question 3) What is the incredible nature of a self-closing tag?

a) They close themselves
b) They foam at the mouth and quite enjoy listening to the Beatles
c) When used in conjunction with a regular tag you don't need to close the regular tag
d) They cause any previous tags that you forgot to close to become closed

Question 4) What is an element?

a) Earth, air, fire, water?
b) An element refers to a tag as a whole
c) An element refers to the opening html tag only
d) An element is the text inside a p tag

Question 5) What is a container?

a) It's an element that only contains text
b) It's an element that only contains photos
c) It's an element that contains other elements

That concludes the wonderful quiz for chapter 2. Now there is much more to learn so go grab y'self a cuppa and come back for the next, eye-opening, dog-walking, burger-eating chapter! Chapter 3 - A Basic Web-Page!