Chapter 27 Quiz

Question 1) What do we use the font-weight property for?

a) Making the text stand our more, or making it stand out less
b) Making the font fall off the page slowly
c) Showing that this font is controlled with JavaScript
d) Helping visitors with their diets

Question 2) True or false. The font-weight: bolder and font-weight: lighter ALWAYS work

a) True
b) False

Question 3) What is the range if you wish to set the weight of the font numerically?

a) 1000 - 9000
b) 1 - 9
c) 10 - 90
d) 100 - 900

Question 4) When setting the font weight numerically, which value is the equivalent to setting font-weight: normal?

a) 400
b) 4.5
c) 450
d) 4

We've covered making the font bold with CSS. Now how about italic? Chapter 28 - CSS Font Style (Italic Fonts)