Chapter 3 Quiz

Question 1) What in theory was wrong with my humorous use of the </showing off> tag in the previous chapter?

a) It wasn't funny and, assuming this tag was made up you need a '*' after the '/'
b) It wasn't funny and, that tag should be opened with a <showing off> tag
c) Though very funny, it's probably a made up tag and you never opened it like this: <showing off>
d) It wasn't funny at all, and that tag is what's known as a "technical" tag

Question 2) What is the purpose of the <html> tag?

a) It's used to activate the website's Email application
b) Generally it keeps the document in place
c) It tells the browser to activate it's non-pure text mode
d) It is essential in a webpage, everyting after it up to the </html> tag is the html document.

Question 3) What is the purpose of the <head> section of the document?

a) It's the invisible part of the document and contains the <title> tag
b) It's contains the banner area of the document
c) It's used to specify where each link on a web-page directs the user
d) It has the brain and is thus the wisest part of the document

Question 4) What is the purpose of the <body> section of the document?

a) It's where everything but the banner and footer of the document goes
b) It's where everything but the banner part of the code goes
c) It contains code for the structure, and the content of the web-page that is visible
d) It's where the arms and legs of a web-page are attached

And that's chapter 3 guys and gals. If you've got this far you should be proud, you can now officially code a basic web-page. Now keep moving on, things are about to get hot, wild, and even scary in the spine-chilling Chapter 4 - Rules, Paragraphs, Breaks!