Chapter 31 Quiz

Question 1) What do you use when you want to make letters further appart?

a) letter-spacing
b) letter-dist-x
c) letter-span
d) letter-dist-h

Question 2) A good time to make letters further appart from each other in a document is...

a) To make a slogan or tagline look more effective
b) When you want to make it look like you've done more work than you really have
c) Both of the above ;)

Question 3) What do we use when we want to increase or decrease the amount of space a single line takes up?

a) line-spacing
b) line-height
c) letter-height
d) line-y-dist

Question 4) True or false, the height of the line can be set using a "number of lines", meaning you could put an extra line of space in between each line by setting the value to 2

a) True
b) False

Let's have a look at mixing CSS styles with Chapter 31 - Elements with Several Different Font Styles Within them.