Chapter 31 Quiz

Question 1) True or false, it is possible to put elements within elements and style them with CSS?

a) True
b) False

Question 2) If the same style will appear in more than one place in your web-page, what is the best thing to do?

a) Use inline styles
b) Put style information in the head section of the web-page
c) Put style information in an external stylesheet
d) Though a) will work, b) or c) will be the most beneficial laters

Question 3) When mixing different font styles within a paragraph of text, which is the best tag to use?

a) div
b) span
c) p-sub
d) p-div

Question 4) Is someone going to drag you out into the street and shoot you if you use inline styles?

a) No, I'm safe, and they're handy for one off styles!
b) Yep, and I hate inline styles *spits*

Next we begin combining everything that has been covered so far in the tutorials. If you've been working for a while it's a good idea to take a little break now as the next chapter is quite lengthy! Chapter 32 - Putting it all Together.