Chapter 34 Quiz

Question 1) What did we cover in the last chapter?

a) The more elegant side to cooking
b) A complete history of the Beetles
c) Techy stuff, like the doctype, and different versions of HTML
d) Red XIII's part in Final Fantasy VII

Question 2) Why use the strict doctype?

a) The strict doctype makes our HTML the most tidy, and forces us to seperate our structure and content from style and presentation.
b) The strict doctype get's angry with us when we don't code our HTML properly.
c) The strict doctype is compatible with demo browsers.
d) The strict doctype is the only one that works with what I've taught you.

Question 3) What's the difference between HTML and XML?

a) X
b) XHTML is more tidy and strict, and is also the modern implementation of HTML
c) X stands for Xmas, yay!
d) XHTML is the older version of HTML, thus the X

Question 4) What can I use to make sure my web-pages are valid?

a) Ask Microsoft
b) There is no way to check, you just have to hope
c) Pah, my web-pages would never be invalid
d) The W3C's free markup validation service

*sobs*, Chapter 35 - The Final Chapter.