Chapter 4 Quiz

Question 1) Horizontal Rules are?

a) Extremely bossy and quite fat
b) Lines that are useful for seperating information
c) Definitions of the direction of the text in an HTML document
d) Lines that are used for tidying up CSS

Question 2) Which tag is used for a horizontal rule?

a) <horizontal-rule>
b) <hl>
c) <hr>
d) <mcdonalds>

Question 3) True or false - when coding HTML paragraphs, you must leave an empty line in between each paragraph

a) True
b) False

Question 4) Entering a <br> in my HTML code will produce:

a) A bold rule
b) A horizontal rule
c) A packet of monster munch
d) A new line

And so, you've completed chapter 4! Onto the top-secret, shiny, tree-hugging Chapter 5 - Headings!