Chapter 9 Quiz

Question 1) An image is...

a) A more technical looking font
b) A graphical alternative version of your web-page
c) Something from Star-Trek
d) A picture

Question 2) To put an image in a web-page, you need to know...

a) How to re-align the tritanium reactors so that we can pass through that nebula
b) The author of the file, the number of colours in the file, it's filename
c) Where it is, the number of colours in the file, it's file extension
d) Where it is, it's filename, it's file extension

Question 3) About the alt attribute...

a) It's for loading an alternative image when the main one is corrupted by a virus
b) It's for using a different type of tag when the image doesn't load
c) It helps reduce the image filesize
d) It displays text when the image doesn't load, and is useful for browsers that wont display images

Question 4) The width and height attributes are...

a) ...for when you want the image to take on a different size
b) ...for when you want the image to reserve it's width and height in the web-page
c) ...for images where the filetype doesn't include such meta information
d) ...optional, but will help you with a) and b)!

Question 5) Images display inline. This means...

a) They move inline with any text, and don't produce new-lines themselves
b) They take up the width of the line they are on and force any following text onto the next line
c) They can't be used in tables, paragraphs or within list elements
d) They load more quickly if you put them inside a <hr> tag

And now... Chapter 10 - The Legend of Websites: A Link to Some Web-page!