Version History

Most recent at the top :D

1.2.0, 2021-06-01 Tue
Updated the tutorials to use/explain HTML5 doctype and tags. XHTML is old hat now! I mean sure it still works, but no one uses it. xD Also, the XMLHttpRequests in the TryOut system are now asynchronous.

1.1.2, 2018-12-11 Tue
Switched to plain HTML for the chapters and quizzes, rather than XMLHttp requesting the pages based on a parameter using JavaScript

1.1.1, 2017-10-24 Tue
Added the tryout links to the main navigation

1.1.0, 2017-10-21 Sat
Made several adjustments to reduce repeat code and uploaded to Neocities

1.0.0, About 12 years ago
Created these tutorials