Welcome to Scott's Interactive Website Building Tutorials. These tutorials are free and when you have finished with them you will know how to make a website.

What will I learn?

These tutorials are different in a way to many. These tutorials won't just throw at you a series of web codes and expect you to fill in the gaps. These tutorials will go one step further than this and:

  • Explain how to actually build a simple web-site
  • Give you an understanding of good web practices for modern, standards-compliant websites that load quickly while still looking effective
  • Will show you solutions and website creation, no hacks, no problems, no bullsh... nonsense...
  • Quiz you at the end of each chapter so you can be confident about what you've learned.

Are these tutorials Interactive?

Yep, they are. I've made a small web program that will allow you to practice various techniques you've learned without leaving your browser, though I will in later chapters get you making a small website that you will save on your computer's hard-drive.

I'm satisfied. Can we get on please?

Yeah, let's go. Onto the first, exciting chapter! an overview of HTML and CSS!